About Us

Agromonterra was founded in 2013 with its head office in Vrbas, in the heart of most fertile part of Serbia.

The Main activities of the company are : production, sales, buy out and export of grains and oilseeds. Buy out and sale of livestock (pigs, bulls) from farms, small farms, direct purchase from individual producers. Other wholesale, sales of livestock feed flour.

A significant part of our business is based on the warehousing and storage for companies or individual producers.
Silo has capacity of 13 500 tones.

Expert and ambitious team was formed and with modern management succeeds in meeting the demands of the market. On those grounds lies the business collaboration with the other companies in the country and the region.
The Company plans are focused to the strengthening of the business infrastructure and expending the number of clients.

Projected growth implies continuous work on the development and enhancement of the supplier network, firstly by development of cooperative relations.